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Employers provide workers’ compensation, and in exchange, the employees relinquish their right to sue the employer for causing their injuries. In theory, any damage done to the employee will be compensated for by the insurance policy: medical expenses, lost wages, job displacement, and death benefits. 


However, that is not always the case in the real world. There are always complications that result in employees getting less than enough compensation or no compensation at all. In certain instances, injured employees will still be able to bring personal injury claims to ensure they receive just compensation.


Inadequate coverage. If the insurance policy does not fully compensate for your injuries, you may still be able to bring accident injury claims to make up for the rest. 


Denied insurance. Workers’ compensation may be denied in Phoenix for several reasons: no one witnessed your injury, you failed to report to your employer soon enough, presence of illegal drugs, discrepancies between accident report and medical records, or you filed more than a year after your injury. 


Third-party negligence. Multiple contractors and employers are often present at a single job site. Occasionally, the negligence of one company might be the cause of your injury. Third-party claims are not limited by workers’ compensation claims whatsoever.


Intentionally causing harm. If your employer purposely caused you harm, you can seek punitive damages in a personal injury claim.


Defective products. Product liability states that manufacturers and others who make a product for sale to the public are held strictly liable for any injuries those products cause. A defective product, especially in industrial settings, can have serious or even fatal consequences in terms of personal injuries.



Experienced Work Accident Injury Personal Attorneys in Phoenix


If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you should consult with an experienced Phoenix work accident injury personal attorney to learn all your legal options. Arizona Injury Law Group specializes in personal injury work accident claims for clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.


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