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Immigration Issues in Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Immigrants are entitled to the full benefits of workers’ compensation


Many immigrants delay or refuse to file a workers’ compensation claim entirely out of fear that doing so may affect their benefits or the quality of their medical care. However, in Arizona, your immigration status will not detrimentally affect your right to recover worker’s compensation. This includes illegal immigrants as well.


There are important reasons why Phoenix and Arizona as a whole has passed legislation providing benefits for all people – legal or illegal – employed in the state. If illegal immigrants were denied their benefits, employers would have no incentive to provide safety training or maintain a safe worksite. Also, employers could drive down wages by hiring more undocumented workers and minimizing the costs of their workers’ compensation insurance. Thus, by passing legislation, Arizona has sought to maintain safe working conditions and reduce injuries for everyone.


As a no-fault state, Arizona guarantees benefits to anyone injured in a workplace accident regardless of immigration status. The process of obtaining the full compensation benefits can still be challenging.


  • Employers may tell their employees they cannot submit a claim because of their immigration status. 
  • Employers might also not maintain any workers’ compensation. In that case, immigrants are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through the Special Fund Division of the ICA. The fund was established to protect those whose employers do not pay for their insurance. 
  • Insurance companies may also try to deny claims. 
  • And immigrants, especially those who have been in the United States for only a few months or years, may not be entirely aware of their rights or the processes in place to protect them. 


As an immigrant, know that you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured while at work in the state of Arizona. The workers’ compensation attorneys at AZ Injury can help defend your rights. We help immigrants navigate the legal system to ensure that they receive all the benefits they deserve.



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